Wie funktioniert Cross-Domain-Tracking bei Typeform?

Antwort des Typeform Supports in Englisch

We don't currently support cross-domain tracking, as typeforms currently can't listen for UTM parameters, which is why you aren't seeing this data appear. The good new here is that you can use our Hidden Fields feature to pass in these values through your embedded typeform to the results themselves.

Since these values are likely provided to your landing page URL, it is possible to dynamically pass in these Hidden Fields (UTM parameters) for further tracking. The thing is, someone with programming skills will need to program your page to pass those variables from your page's URL to the typeform you've embedded. Here we show how this would work:

1. Add UTM parameters to the webpage URL, so it reads something like this yourdomain.com/page/?utm_source=Google&utm_campaign=campaign&utm_medium=ppc

2. Then create a code that passes your page's utm_source=Google as Hidden fields into the typeform, (for example if your page is programmed in PHP, you can use the $_GET[] variable).

Right now, I don't know how you've got your pages set up and what programming language you're using etc. (and we can't troubleshooting custom code as it's outside of our scope of support), but it should be as simple as grabbing the variables from the URL and adding them to the URL in the typeform embed code itself :)

Something like:
<div class="typeform-widget" data-url="https://yourname.typeform.com/to/1234?utm_source=Google&utm_campaign=campaign&utm_medium=ppc " data-text="Typeformname" style="width:100%;height:500px;"></div> <script>[...etc.]</script>

Now, when looking at Google Analytics for your typeform, the UTMs will record and you will know the sources of events and pageviews related to your typeform.